What you should pay attention to when buying an e-bike under 2000 euros
29 May 2024

There are many factors to consider when looking for an e-bike.
These factors can be the type of e-bike or a number of technical specifications that determine the purchase price. Higher expectations often come with higher prices. It is therefore important to first find out which features are crucial for you in an e-bike.

1. Customer support
Before we get to the technical specifications, the first and most important point is the manufacturer's customer support. At Keskin E-Bike, we attach great importance to having live customer service available in German, French and English. This gives you the peace of mind that you will always receive support if you need it.

2. Typ des E-Bikes
The first thing to consider when purchasing an e-bike is the type of e-bike. There are different types you can choose from depending on your purpose:
- City e-bikes: Ideal for city traffic. They are characterized by their design and stylish appearance.
- Gravel e-bikes: For high speeds on gravel paths, but less comfortable.
- Mountain bike e-bikes: Robust construction and suspension, ideal for mountainous terrain, but often too oversized for city use.
- Foldable e-bikes: space-saving and easy to transport, ideal for campers or commuters.

3. E-Bike Motor
A central aspect of an e-bike is the motor. There are two main criteria to consider here: the location and characteristics of the engine.
Position of Motors
- Front hub motors: Less common as they cause an unsteady driving experience. This is because the engine's weight is concentrated on the front of the bike, which can lead to a loss of traction and control, especially when braking or cornering.
- Rear hub motors: Offer better traction and control, making them a more popular choice. Rear hub motor e-bikes are designed with balanced distribution of battery and motor weight to ensure a stable and comfortable riding experience. The placement of the rear hub motor allows for effortless maintenance by simply removing the wheel.
- Mid-drive: Mid-drive engines offer the most natural driving experience, but are typically more expensive. Due to the complexity of the associated components, longer maintenance times may occur.

Engine characteristics
The motor torque determines the level of assistance while riding. A motor with at least 30 Nm is recommended for a comfortable riding experience. The Keskin Cbike 1/1V, for example, has a motor with 46 Nm, which ensures a sporty riding experience.

4. Battery capacity & range
The desired range is directly proportional to the battery capacity of your e-bike. The higher the battery capacity, the greater the range. Note that many factors affect range, such as the rider's weight, weather conditions, tire pressure and road surface. For a range of more than 50 km in daily use, a battery capacity of at least 400 Wh is required.

5. Frame material
E-bikes are usually made of aluminum or carbon fiber (carbon). Aluminum frames are more affordable and durable. Carbon frames are lighter and offer a sportier ride, but are more expensive and more delicate. If you have to carry the e-bike often, e.g. B. on the third floor, a carbon frame could make sense. Otherwise, aluminum frames are easier to maintain and cheaper.

6. Sensor Type: Speed/Torque
There are two types of sensors: speed sensors and torque sensors.
- The speed sensor tracks how fast you pedal, which may not be beneficial for people with bad knees or limiting health conditions.
- The torque sensor is built into the crankset and tracks power per pedal stroke. It detects when you pedal harder and then offers more support in the same mode. Torque sensors are a better choice, but more expensive than a speed sensor. You won't find an e-bike with a torque sensor for less than 1000 euros.

Don't forget to test ride the e-bike before purchasing. This will give you a feel for the handling, comfort and overall performance of the bike.

When buying an e-bike under 2000 euros, you should consider the following points: set your budget, define the technical requirements, pay attention to the design and riding comfort and make sure that the customer service is reliable.

Have fun driving!

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