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As a registered dealer, you have the opportunity to place orders directly with Berlin Tires Europa GmbH. After your registration has been verified, you will be provided with access data for our partner portal.

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Become a test driver

As a test rider, will I receive an e-bike for free?

No, you get the e-bike at a reduced price.

Will I get paid for my sales?

You will receive an Amazon voucher worth 100 euros per sale.

Will my location be published on the website?

Your location will be displayed on our website so interested parties know where they can take a test drive. At Keskin E-Bike we can also refer customers to you.

Registration as a specialist dealer

Do I receive the end consumer price?

No, you receive dealer prices.

Will I receive promotional material?

Of course, you will receive advertising material such as banners, roll-ups and beach flags.

Who can I contact if I need replacement parts?

You can obtain spare parts either directly from our service department or from our field staff.

Service partner

Who bears the costs?

Keskin E-Bike will cover the costs during the warranty period. After the warranty period has expired, the invoice will be sent directly to the customer

How do customers find out about me as a service partner?

We publish your address on our website and refer our customers to you.

Do you have spare parts in stock?

We have most spare parts in stock.

How is the process?

The customer contacts us at Keskin if they have a problem with their e-bike. After checking the location, we point the customer to our service points.

What happens if I can't fix the problem?

In this case, we will pick up the e-bike and fix the problem in our workshop.

Am I contractually bound to Keskin ?

No, there is no contractual obligation, you can leave at any time.

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