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Step 1: Choose one of our partner shops
Step 2: Book a free test drive at a shop near you using the form below
Step 3: Test Keskin e-bikes yourself!
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Questions about the test drive?

Why test drive the Keskin e-bike?

You can only determine whether it suits you while driving. The frame height, seating position, engine performance and off-road suitability can only be properly assessed during a test drive. Book your test drive now and experience the elegant design for yourself.

Where can I ride the Keskin e-bike?

As shown on the map, we offer test drives at various locations. Thanks to our extensive network, you can easily test our bikes. Just take a look for yourself! In addition, we are continuously working on expanding our infrastructure in order to offer sales or contact points in every German city in the foreseeable future.

How much does a test ride with a Keskin e-bike cost?

Our test drives are free of charge.

How long is a Keskin e-bike available for a test ride?

The test usually lasts 30 minutes. For an exact time period, we recommend that you check with your preferred retailer in advance. Is it possible to try out several e-bike models at the same time? Normally you reserve a specific period for a model. However, after consultation with our partners, it may be possible to test different models at the same time if desired. However, please note that this cannot be guaranteed.

Which models are available for a test drive?

All models are available for test drives.

What can I do if there is no partner near me?

We sincerely regret this and are working tirelessly to continuously expand our network.

Can I purchase the e-bike directly after the test ride?

In principle, it is possible to purchase the e-bike directly after the test ride. However, we recommend clarifying this in advance.

Will the shop where I arrange the test drive also be my future point of contact for repairs?

Not necessarily, please check the map to see where our service partner is located. Most of our dealers also have a workshop where you can have your bike repaired at any time. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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