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🚴‍♀️ Do you want to explore the world in an environmentally friendly, comfortable and healthy way with an e-bike? This is your chance!

The world is waiting to be explored in an environmentally friendly, comfortable and healthy way with electric bicycles (e-bikes). With our personal and free e-bike individual lesson program, you have the opportunity to learn what e-bikes are and how to use these fantastic means of transport. The best part? You choose the place and time!

🤓 Discover e-bikes: Our training program explains what e-bikes are, how they work and what different types there are.

🚲 Safe one-on-one instruction: Learn basic techniques to ensure your safety when riding an e-bike.

🔋 Battery management: Find out how you can extend the battery life of your e-bike and use it efficiently.

🌳 Environmentally friendly individual mobility: Discover the positive impact of e-bikes on the environment and receive information about sustainable transport options.

💪 Healthy Lifestyle: Learn the health benefits of riding an e-bike and how you can maintain an active lifestyle.

👥 Community: Get in touch with other e-bike enthusiasts, share your experiences and make new friends.

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