Can you ride an e-bike faster than 25 km/h?
03 August 2023
The bicycle is a simple and environmentally friendly way to get around. But how fast can you ride an e-bike?

This article will look at e-bike speed regulations and ways to go faster. We will show how and whether it is possible to link the Road Traffic Act (StVO) and e-bike tuning.

1. Speed limit on e-bikes

In Germany there is a maximum speed of 25 km/h for e-bikes.

This rule applies regardless of the engine power or the weight of the bike. It is important to know that exceeding this speed limit is illegal.

2. Ways to go faster

Although exceeding the speed limit is not permitted, there are still ways to go faster on an e-bike.

One such possibility is to take the e-bike to a so-called “tuning”. By changing the electronics of the bike, a higher speed is achieved.

There are several ways to swap out the motor or manipulate the software. But one must not forget that there are risks.

The tuning technique involves increasing the power of the engine to achieve better acceleration. This means that you change different parts of the e-bike. And sometimes it can result in the warranty being gone.

3. StVO und E-Bike-Tuning

The traffic law requires that e-bikes and other bicycles are not allowed to drive faster than permitted.

It is important that you comply with the provisions of the StVO and do not make any modifications to your e-bike that violate these regulations.

Illegal tuning of your e-bike can lead to legal consequences. In addition, tuning an e-bike can have criminal consequences and also jeopardize insurance cover.

4. However, there is one exception: pedelecs that (are allowed) to drive faster

The speed limit for e-bikes in Germany can only be exceeded by using a Pedelec (Pedal Electric Cycle).

A pedelec is an e-bike that supports the rider up to a speed of 25 km/h, after which the motor switches off. There are the same rules as for normal bicycles. For example: you have to wear a helmet or ride on bike lanes.

For fast pedelecs, e.g. B. S-Pedelecs, with a speed of up to 45 km/h, additional regulations apply such as compulsory insurance and a corresponding driving license.

Important: In order to convert a normal bicycle into a pedelec, you must have it checked by professionals to ensure that all legal regulations are complied with.

5. Conclusion

It can be stated that it is quite possible to reach a speed of more than 25 km/h with an electric bicycle. But you must know: If you change your e-bike, that shouldn't be the case because it violates the rules of the Road Traffic Act, unless it is a pedelec.

Illegal tuning of your e-bike can lead to legal consequences. It is therefore important to observe the provisions of the Road Traffic Act and to ensure road safety
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